The booking process is super simple!

1. You LOVE my work + inquire with this contact form.

2. You get a super prompt response. yaassss, girl! (but, if you don't hear back from me within 24 hours, email me directly at

3. You ask the questions + I'll answer them, honestly. Together, we will create magic!

4. You sign a digital contract + send over a $500 non-refundable retainer which locks you in! Double yaassss!

5. We pencil in a date for your complimentary engagement session! 

6. I show up, shoot your best day ever, and deliver super rad + badass photos for you to cherish foreveeeeer! 


When filling out this form, be as transparent and honest as you can be. I promise to respond in the same respect. The more we're open and honest with one another the better. Our connection is just as important to me. In the end, I truly hope to become your friend. To make you and your babe feel comfortable, to laugh and feel open, but most importantly: to deliver you images that make you feel like the badass babe that you are.  

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