Photographer in the RAW

Recently, through an email conversation with a client looking to book a session, I was asked a question that completely took me off guard. "What inspires you to be so detail-oriented?" Now, I am sure you're thinking to yourself why such a simple question was so hard for me to answer, right? The truth is, there is not just one single thing that inspires me. My love for details comes from a mixture of those that inspire and a severe case of OCD. (Yes, I am notorious for stoping in the middle of a session to fix a strand of hair or a pant leg that's not correctly laying over your shoe. - sorry, not sorry - I promise you'll thank me later!) So, I figured I would take this as an oppurtinity to better aqaint myself with you all. 

To quickly sum up my background: I earned my Bachelors Degree majoring in Fashion Design from the Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale. After roughly a year of working in the biz, the economy crashed and so did I. I moved back home, met my husband, had a long journey through infertility, gave heaven four sweet angel babies, and on July 30th, 2012 we welcomed our precious baby girl into this world; Braxtyn Leigh. Soon after Braxtyn [Lady] was born, one of my very best friends, Indica, asked if I would like to second shoot a wedding with her. Indica is owner and photographer of Indica Woodruff Photography and I have her to thank for my success as a photographer. Just when I was ready to put out the flames and give up everything design, Indica still saw that fire in my eyes. I never in a million years thought it would transition into me becoming a photographer, but I will forever be grateful. Indica's friendship, love, support, direction, and critique has shaped me into exactly who I want to be. Now, back to this dreaded question of what inspires me to be so detail-oriented.

 answer: LIFE  

Life is the simplest word I can muster. Lady inspires me every single day: the good, the bad, and even the ugly. Inspired from a beautiful princess dress that gives me the urge to capture an over the top tea party with her favorite stuffed animals; I want to capture the half eaten Fig Newtons, the Elsa jewelry that Little Bear is wearing, and the birthday hat we shoved onto Pink Puppy. My reality, though? My floors are covered with toys 24/7 and I curse like a sailor at least twice a day because I have stepped onto a lego or some miniature dancing asparagus. [Shopkins? maybe. who knows.] I want to capture that. I want to capture those silly little details of a veggie who apparently drops it like its hot. Rings also inspire me. I am 100% head over heels, completely and utterly IN LOVE with capturing the details of a ring. I'd climb a mountain with a diamond any day if it meant I could get a beautiful shot- too bad we don't have mountains in Florida.

floral. & brick walls. & lush green gardens. & shoes. & crazy socks. & church pews. & old architecture. & unique decor. & collarbones. & smiles. & heartache. & love. & everything in between. 

While I love telling a good story by capturing the details of real life, I must be honest; I go through spurts of complete and utterly chaotic, yet brilliant ideas for styled shoots that I must [must] do. As Lady's fourth birthday is fast approaching, I wanted an out-of-the-box session for her four year old pictures. & what better way to capture that then a baby boudoir session?! How does this tie into my love for details? [I completely re-did my entire master bedroom *minus the furniture* solely for this session. am I crazy or what? - or just THAT in love with attention to details?] After taking various detailed images of my now new and improved bedroom, I called Indica to my rescue to help me complete my vision.

I hope that with my honesty, quirkiness, love for emotions, and my severe OCD tendencies, that you see my photography as not only art but as a passion to create beautiful memories for you and your families.

Don't Allow lifes smallest details to pass you by, They are the most important. 

>> You can find Lady's four year old Baby Boudoir session below. <<

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