heyyy, girl, hey!

I'm Kimberly, but friends call me Kim. I’m a tattooed, sassy and straightforward, wife and mama of two. I’m a big fan of breaking the rules (when warranted, of course). So, naturally, I fully support doing whatever the hell you want on your wedding day- and everyday. I believe in doing what makes YOU happy, and celebrating what makes YOU stand out. You don’t have to give into the idea that your wedding should look a cookie-cutter way. DO YOU, BOO! Regardless of whether you want an extravagant AF wedding at a fancy ass venue or you want to wear a pretty dress, kick off your shoes, and eat tacos from a food truck- I got YOU, babe!

I'm a soulful artist with a huge heart who is going to deliver you the most badass gallery of your best day ever. I’m also your new best friend. I’ll wrap you up in hugs on your best day and remind you to breathe. I will most definitely cry when you share your first dance, and I will most certainly bust a move with your badass maids. Because that’s what real life friends do, amiright? Yaassss!


Uncurated, REAL LIFE Moments!

Stay awhile. Browse around. Reach out. Let’s be friends and do the damn thing!